FOR SALE (joke)


TITLE: Lorenz' first artwork
MEDIUM: Charcoal
SIZE: 12" X 18"
PRICE: Php 4,123.00
I accept all major credit cards, cheque or I.O.U.s

So, who's going to bite!? HAHA.
You guys remember my "I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH MY LIFE ASAP" post? :D Last Saturday I started my art lessons at an Art Gallery somewhere in Makati. It was a bit intimidating especially when you're surrounded with serious works of art! Sculptures and Paintings on canvas were mounted on every possible area! But it went really well and my 'mentor' thought I was very creative and I had potential. :> WOWOWEE! :D

I'd tell you more about it as time progresses! :)BTW, the said amount is actually the cost of a round trip airfare from CdO to Manila. :)) wala lang. 

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