2 days to go :-bd

:)) Today we had one of the last two rehearsals for this year. :) I ate lunch at the SACB office and Migi, Karl and Roi surprised me with a brownie as my cake. =)) Jamie and I also had our exchange gifts and she gave me one of the best gifts anyone has given me ever!!! :D ILY. THANK YOU. :D After Cue, Migi, Karl, I walked with Miss Thess to Galleria where we met up with Bjorn. We had dinner and I had the most meaningful conversation with them. @-) One that I feel I really need this Christmas. :) GV all the way. :D =)) I HAVE BEEN HAVING GREAT DAYS... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! :D


kate said...

no one to surprise me..no one to exchange presents with..no one to have meaningful conversations with..but, somehow i feel glad that you were able to do all those things:) let's always appreciate simple things and little joys. advance happy birthday lorenz! :)

Lorenz said...

THANKS MISS KATE. >:D< Have a merry christmas yourself! >:D<

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