Movies I must see:

The last time I posted the movies I had to see, Jennifer's Body is the only one I haven't seen until now. (I lost interest. Bad reviews. :|) I also got to watch 500 Days of Summer that I have been dying to see! :)) :"> It had the most disillusioned presentation about what love really is and some of the dialogue will stick to you for its honest opinion of the culture that's trying so hard to make a very commercial perception of love. :-bd Director Mark Webb notes that "there is a fundamental truth at play: yes, love can be cruel, harsh and difficult but it's by far, the best thing life has to offer." :">

For the movies I'm waiting to get my hands on, they include: PRECIOUS, THE HURT LOCKER, INGLORIOUS BASTARDS AND THE BLIND SIDE. :)) I'll find time to watch them. :D

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