If something we didn't know we had disappears, do we miss it?


Bong said...

I think so, yes. How do you know that you didn't know about it and it disappeared, it must have brushed your mind, thus you knowing, slightly at least, and you are just thinking that you didn't? If not, then you wouldn't think about whatever it is, 'coz you don't have it, thus it shouldn't have disappeared, and missed. I dunno. I just wanted to comment. HAHAHAHA funny. :)))) sorry, sabaw! \m/

kate said...

what's with that question?! :))

wait, i showed your blog to one of my students here. her name is rie, she's 17 and she'll start college in april. she was very impressed that you write in english, and she was amazed with the pictures and other stuff. anyway, she laughed so hard when she saw miranda kerr's picture- i had to
explain who she is and why you had her picture:)

hi lorenz!

Lorenz said...

Hahaha. The question is rhetorical =)) But uhm I found it interesting to note and it's really just about maybe you being the only one in the relationship thinking you have something more out of nothing. =))))

HI RIE. :>

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