"Ang mga gumagawa ng tama at kabutihan ay ang siya pang kinakastigo. Kung ganyan ang ipagpapatuloy natin, wala nang mangangahas mangarap at gumawa ng mabuti."

-Manny Villar

onga naman. :| pero EWAN. =)) Politics is one big headache for me. =)))) There are always two sides who present their own versions of the truth with much conviction. @-) They all learned so much from Sophocles. =)))) I watched the Senate Hearing last Tuesday and I gave up on trying to analyze whether Sen. Manny Villar leaving before the interpolation was a good thing or a bad thing. =)))))) It's very hard to be the one to assess who's right and who's wrong but one thing that's definite is that you can't pull a good man down. :> :> :> If you are pro-Villar or anti-Villar... good for you. Comment your political opinions somewhere else. =))))

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