Ryan Nicolas Likes This:

The many faces of Erin Bernardo. =))))
Normal after-school Friday activity of going to Tiende and this time Estela and I met up for me to buy a ticket for their Saturday show I wouldn't even be able to attend. :| :)) SORRY ESTY I still support you in all of your endeavors...WHAT :)))) Then we just hung-out at Mcdo and walked around Tiende. Then I made Estela eat her first isaw. Then we talked. Then we chatted some more. =)) Sabaw. We did all these not minding Ryan and Erin who had their own world, both smiling and laughing randomly, just like how Ryan is in class for most of the time. Besides excessive smiling didn't hurt anyone... Right ryan? =))))

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kate said...

i like estela's new hair :)
isaw + coke = perfect
"earth to ryan.." [ pls tell him i missed
pestering him w/ my ofw-lamentation :) ]

hi lorenz! :)

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