Grad Ball

I feel like a fool posting the same pictures here and over at Facebook but that's why I just post pictures that highlighted that evening for me. :> Grad Ball was very very unexpected because I won as the Stag of the Night. It felt weird winning because I don't even know that anyone knows me and I don't know how to brag so I just wanted everything to die down asap. =)))))) Estela was the rose amongst the thorns in our table because she is Nico's girlfriend and date while the rest of us went stag and Roi had a date but was seated at a different table. :-j We went to Bjorn's place for the after party but because I lacked sleep and was tired I wasn't able to "have fun." Graduation is just around the corner and we must all hang-out as much as we can please. -______- BATANGAS AFTER GRADUATION I PROMISE :) :) :) :)


kate said...

go stag! :) the teachers usually pick the winners, i bet that dapper jacket sealed the deal :)

April said...

Ugh, fourth row, first column. My face =)) Tuwang tuwa -_____-

Bianca B. said...

What a pogi Lorenz @) =D>

春天來嚕 said...

how do u do?

Lorenz said...

@miss kate: =)))) TOTALLY. Same thought as to why I won just because it was white. =)))) :-j

@april: ONGA EH :))

@BB: >:D< BB >:D<

@春天來嚕 : HELLO (?)

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