This blog post is going to share to you my own personal view of surviving High School because I have a perspective as different as yours. :)) I entered La Salle Green Hills as a freshly plucked out boy from an unheard of place (some well-traveled people do know that Cagayan de Oro is not in Luzon :|) and this for me greatly accounts for something and so here goes the tips I have for incoming High Schoolers because I'm in the mood to help lost souls:

A lot can be covered by this Tip don't you think? :)) The skill of adapting to any new environment requires you to observe.To adapt doesn't mean to follow but it means to adjust. This is where most are led astray when they think that they have to do something because it's part of "adapting." Of course not. :)) You just have to adjust yourself if the situation calls for it and you really don't have to do something you don't want. :> By observing, you know who the right crowds are, who are the people to avoid, and by this you can create the life you want for High School. :) You must have a game plan but you must know the rules and the mechanics, you must survey the players, the audience, and the referees involved in the game.

In High School, my friends, failure is your best friend. All of us have that dream of stepping outside of our comfort zone and it's great if you had it easy because you're popular or you're really talented but what if you're not and rejection comes along? Committing suicide is not the answer. =)))) It does take a lot for anyone to try. I should know. But you CAN'T let it get to you. Take it all in a stride and it is by testing the waters and stepping outside of your shell that you learn more about yourself. It helps you define who you really are about what you just can't do and can. What's that quote again? "Twenty years from now you will probably be more disappointed in what you didn't do than what you have done." Experience and Enjoy.

This is pretty much what I say to myself every time I face trials in High School. Despite the hardships you will encounter, because as you know it never goes as well as any Disney movie, there's a much BIGGER WORLD out there. ;) That after failing a Physics test there's still a family to go home to, that after I just embarrassed myself I still have friends who have my back and that even though things may not have went according to plan... The future still holds a lot of unknown opportunities. :D There is life outside and after High School. Don't you ever think otherwise. @-)

High School was never meant to last and during your stay I think it's your friends that will make everything worthwhile. You will learn a lot about friendship because it's really in High School that you will meet lifelong friends. That's something to look forward to and that's something I know I have gained as I graduate this month. :> :> :> BOOYAH. =))


ryy ;D said...

tip 2 is a winner.. for me at least :))

Lorenz said...

I feel so old to be the one giving advices -__-

Bong said...

Ang galing! I'm sure you'll do great. Grabeeee. I miss HIGH SCHOOL! deym. graduation. now on to the real life for me. scary.

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