"Let me tell you, money’s pretty cool. I’m not going to stand here and tell you that it’s not about money, because money is sweet. I like money. It’s good for buying companies and things—and for putting up a few buildings here and there for Ateneo. But having a lot of money does not totally make you a successful person. What you want is both money and meaning. You want your life and your career to be meaningful. Because meaning is what brings real richness to your life, to be surrounded by people you can truly work with—because you trust and treasure them, and they cherish you in return. That’s when you’re really rich, that’s when you really succeed."

A segment from Manny Pangilinan's Commencement Speech which is a direct copy-paste from Oprah Winfrey's own. :| :| Copyright Infringement. That's what you call it. You can include thoughts that are not your own but you never claim they are yours. SEE NOTHING IS ORIGINAL. =))))))


ryan:) said...

i was there! :D but sleeping :P my mom said that was the only highlight of the graduation :)) kaso yun pala.. plagiarized lang =))

Lorenz said...

Who graduated from the arrheneo? :> :))

ryan said...

one of my brothers :)) the one older than Jorge :))

I saw Micco there actually haha :-j pero after the ceremony na

Bong said...

Have you seen what's posted in the Ateneo website? :)) funny. I dunno, nothing is 100% original I guess, coz one way or another it's inspired from somewhere. So then who's the owner of it all? Where did it start? Where did we get all of these ideas? :)) Some thoughts.

Lorenz said...

no i haven't, and i can't seem to find whatever is related to this post in their website. =))) link?

Si God lang ung original. :>

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