New York I Love You

"MAN KILLS WIFE ON 63RD ANNIVERSARY, WALKING UP STAIRS" :)) Cloris Leachman is hilarious. :))))) I watched "New York, I Love You" and this clip is the best scene. :) Take time to watch this from start to finish and I bet you'd like what happens at 5:00 :D :D


katerrbug said...

looks good:) please find time to watch 'little miss sunshine', I only saw it this year- i cried and laughed watching this movie. and i just finished first season of 'united states of tara', it's an amazing show- toni collette rocks..

ryan :) said...

I never heard of this movie @-) :))

@Ms Kate Little Miss sunshine! loved that movie :D why only this year? :o I loved the grandpa haha!

kate said...

ryan: i only discovered surfthechannel recently ( thanks lorenz! ) everyone in that movie was great, esp paul dano ( the brother )

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