I decided to be a productive member of society and fix my clutter! All these are what you call 4th Year Garbage. =)) So much paper have been accumulated and hoarded and right now they're all in a big black garbage bag. :> There's no point turning back and let's leave the past behind! \:D/ I wonder how many trees were used. :|
Visita Iglesia! :) Went to St. Francis (where I saw Jamie =))), Mary the Queen, Pinaglabanan, San Juan Church, St. Jude Thaddeus, San Sebastian, and Manila Cathedral. :> People were definitely out for one reason alone and that's to visit churches. @-))
From the Manila Cathedral. :o)

I'm going to make this a food-blog. =))


katerrbug said...

kamatis ba yung nasa gitna, yung napalibutan ng cream? :)

ryan :o said...

do you plan the churches you go to? or you just drive around and stop at the next church you see that looks decent enough to enter? @-) :))

Lorenz said...

@miss kate: CHERRY yan diba =)))

@ryan: anything goes but usually we plan =))

kate said...

hello mukang kamatis kasi :))

Bong said...

YEY! A convert? :D Woot! :D I'm excited to read about your foodivities and food adventures! :)

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