24 hours in Iloilo

Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, put me anywhere and I will survive. :)))) Went home to my lola's house in Iloilo but it was just a short trip since I went there just yesterday and I'm now back home as I type this. =))))) My lola wouldn't get on a plane if no one would accompany her so my mom sent me to fetch her and bring her to Manila. :D I used to spend my month-long summer vacations here growing up. Rice fields surrounded this house but now subdivisions have replaced them. :| Part of my childhood memories were made here and I'd always get inspired of how poor they once were and my lola doing all that she can in insuring all of her children would become successful. :"> The magic of the province is that it would make you feel like life is all about the simple things. People here easily gets contented and if I would stay here long enough I would probably let go of my aspirations in life and settle for home-cooked meals and the sound of roosters signaling the time of day. =))))))) HAHA. Nah, It would still take so long for me to think about retiring and old age. :-O I want to be forever young. @____@


kate said...

the girl who is smiling in the picture: is that your mother :)

Lorenz said...

YEAH thats my mom, she's the eldest, and her siblings. :"> See they lived in a bahay kubo sort of house before. :)) In the other picture, that's me with my lolo's sister and my mom's mother (forefront) :) and the last one's me with my cousin. :)))))) :D

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