My Best ID Picture Yet :")

Some of my elementary ID pictures was me without hair. =)) I had a habit of going bald during summer breaks because I hated having long hair in the heat. I stopped when a teacher of mine bluntly told me not to do it anymore once my hair grows back. She said I just don't look good as a bald person. =))))) You have to be cruel to be kind. =))))

I had a lot of realizations during the Frosh Orientations last Monday. :) :) :) I realized that:

  • when older people say that the friends you make in high school are for keeps... it's really true. The people I met that day just didn't have any clue about who I was and we all started that cycle once again of making yourself known and discovering each other's uniqueness. I have grown a much deeper sense of appreciation for the friends I made in High School and for my barkada. :) =)))) Of course, that does not mean I wouldn't be open to new friendships. @_@ =)) I'm just saying that I'm glad I have friends who know me really well. :-j

  • if this were the States I wouldn't be put on so much scrutiny. The most asked question for me was why did I take up such a course. -__- The stigma people have here for guys taking up this course made me feel that I would have to defend myself every waking day of my life. -__- I don't owe anyone an explanation. :)

  • Quezon City to Taft is so damn far, and yes, I had to prove it for myself. =)) I had my first independent MRT ride that day and it was an eye-opener of all sorts. :) My parents and friends warned me about the distance but I'm defiant until I haven't tried it myself. I can not commute everyday and be in school by 8am. @-) so I have finally agreed with my parents plan for me to stay in a dorm near CSB and just go home if I have the time.

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kate said...

college! you'll do great lorenz :)and listen to your parents :))plus, it would make your weekend something that you could really look forward to..

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