Badong and Ivy =))

Finally they all left already! 8-| =)))) Gregg, Karl and Ryan slept over in my room yesterday and it's my first time to have friends sleep here. :) Aba privileged, joke. :> HAHAH. Joseph also dropped by and it's so cool to hang-out with "Manong" again. =))))) (He was riding in his motorcycle and so the guards had a hard time confirming that he was my friend or a messenger or something. =)))) Having to host and entertain them is quite stressful. Everyone is so demanding, no, actually, it was only Gregg who had too many requests. =)))) :| Oh, and we watched "Orphan" and had fun scaring ourselves with this movie. :) We also taught Karl how to ride a bike. =))) Yes, he grew up not knowing how to and so I think now he is learning albeit it was frustrating on my part. :| =)) Anyways, thank you for finding time in your VERRY BUSSY schedules to visit me in my place. =))))) (Wuuu, wala naman kayong ginagawa eh)


Vic said...

"no, actually, it was only Gregg who had too many requests. =)))) "
- Vic Manuel likes this, SERIOUSLY =))))))

haha, seph was finally allowed to have a motorcycle :-bd

Lorenz said...


Lorenz, pwede blaaaaaaaaaah. pahingi ng blaaaaaaaaaaah. Lipat mo yung channel blaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Anonymous said...

i like the new addition. ;)

karl said...

haha =)) I had a great time :D
"Ivy! Ano itong naririnig kong tungkol sa isang Badong?...."
I wish this would come true :D =))

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