Miss Mary-Arr

I've been wanting to do this post for a long time, thanks to Victor now this post can be made! \:D/ :D He compiled the memorable jokes Miss Mary-arr made. There is no denying that we all miss 4A and Miss Mary-arr is one of those you can't discount when you mention Senior Year. \:D/ She's one of the funniest teacher I have come across. =))))))) She should do stand up comedy. HAHA.

Earthquake drill:
(line moves so slowly)
Miss Mary-Arr: Eh di naman makatotohanan ito. Dapat patay na tayo! Dapat yung mga 1st year umiiyak, sumisigaw ng “Mommy! Mommy!” dapat sira na itong hagdanan
(Back in the classroom. After not following the designated entry point from the field.)
Student: Miss, bakit nauna kayo?
Miss Mary-Arr: Siyempre, Teoryang Realismo, may mga anak pa ako eh kayo ba?? Sino uunahin ko mga anak ko o kayo?!! =))))))))

(Sign of the Cross)
Miss Mary-Arr: Ulit (again and again, until everyone does it except her)
Student: Miss kayo, hindi niyo ginawa!
Miss Mary-Arr: Ay oo nga! Oh sige ulit...ulit. =))))))))

Miss Mary-Arr: Okaaay! 2 minutes to review! Okay, 20 seconds!10! 5! ITAGO LAHAAAT! =)))))

Miss Mary-Arr: Okay Guys, may long test tayo. :)
Class: Miss, wag na po. :(((((((
Miss Mary-Arr: AY! ayaw niyo??? /:)
Class: Opo. :(
Miss Mary-Arr: AY! ako gusto ko! :))))))

Appreciation night:
Host: And the winner is..Ms. Mary – Arr Malirong! Miss, any message?
Miss Mary-Arr: Very unexpected, thanks God!!
(Raises the award to the sky with a clenched fist ;;))

I miss laughing out loud in class. =)))))
Miss Mary-arr got to read this post. =))))) and she sent me an FB message:
Hi thank you sa blog mo kala ko naman ang natandaan mo yong lesson sa El Fili ha ha ha..kaw talaga your so kakatuwa. :"> OKAY THIS POST IS FTW. :))


karl said...

You forgot about the time when you shook her and she pretended to have a seizure. Bent yun =)))

Vic said...


jed said...

she seems like the best teacher ever!

Lorenz said...

@Karl and Victor: BUT it was one of those wherein you had to see it for it to be funny. :)))

@Jed: HI JEDOOO! :)) Yeah she's pretty cool. B-)

Vic said...

@Lorenz - onga, kasi you can't relate if you didn't see it :P

Josh M said...

i miss high school tulyo :( :))

kate said...

ms arr!

isa ako sa mga magiliw na tagahanga ni ms mary-arr. she did something for me that i'd always be grateful for :)

Lorenz said...

@GUELOD: We miss calling you GILOD :))

@miss Kate: :)) :">

Gregg said...

=)) wait..pwede ba one time lang..sit in tayo sa class ni ms mary-arr? :p i miss 4th year filipino :)

Lorenz said...


Gregg said...


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