Let's resume shall we?

You're right if you thought that for the past week I was busy painting my room and trapped at home. What makes matters worse is that we still didn't have internet and that explains why this blog is neglected. :)))) I didn't finish everything on my room on Tuesday as set but the day after :-" And then I fixed my things and now I'm living comfortably inside my own cocoon. :> =)) And to get through the day I just wake up at noon to make the day almost over already, watch TV and DVDs, eat and sleep and sleep. =))))) I need somebody to teach me how to commute away from this place or I'll have to forcefully sync my schedule with that of my parents all time. -___- Not fun.

The walls around me are painted with dedication and passion. =)))) That's the Houndstooth Wall I agonized of doing. :)) It just takes a lot of excruciating precision to make the stencil and I used over 5 masking tapes to make the pattern. =)) Over-all my room has been what I have dreaming of having since I was a kid sharing a room still with my siblings. The entire concept was in my head as to how I wanted everything to look and it's fulfilling to see everything in completion. \:D/ \:D/


April said...

Houndstooth is ~(*v*)~ I am in awe. Lorenz, bakit ang tiyaga mo? =))

Lorenz said...

HAHAH Matiyaga talaga ako sa mga ganyan. :> :)))) Wag lang Physics. :| =))))

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