Memory Lane

Everything starts off as great in the beginning. =)))) And then when you reach to the middle it becomes boring and then you wake up one day surprised that it's over. :> YEAH, that's how I feel towards my planner. =)) But you see, I still use it... just not with the same vigor and intensity as to before. :))) -___- I scanned through them and it made me feel like time is so fast. :| Those were the final months before graduation. I still was stressed with our Economics Symposium, the upcoming exams, we had grad practices and then 2 months after, my activities are dwindling and I have nothing to do in this lovely day of Summer. =)))
HAHA. Oh I still remember me making this doodle on February 23, 2010. :-bd =))) Physics was our last subject for the day and nothing was entering my brain anymore. I was born to fail this subject. =))))))))) Siiiiighhh. Physics is the main reason I'm glad I'm out of High School. X___X Stay awaaaaaaay. =)))) BUT I REALLY DO MISS 4A. :( I MISS MY CLASSMATES-slash-FRIENDS. :|

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