My planner is alive :)

Bjorn and I enrolled at College of Saint Benilde together yesterday and this is what my First Term schedule looks like. Everyday starts at 8 in the morning and considering how far I live I'm going to have a difficult time. =))

Earlier this month I was arguing with my parents that they should allow me to live in a dorm/condo since QC is very far from CSB. They knew I had a point but they weren't so into the idea and my dad promised he will just drive me to and from CSB everyday if that's what it takes. I was frustrated at them but I knew they would changed their minds.

We moved and I fell in love with my room that I didn't want to stay elsewhere anymore even if it's far. =))))))) BUT CHANGE THEIR MINDS THEY DID. :-O They had already searched for a dorm that's just a walking distance to CSB but I don't like to live with a random person. :-L If I were sharing it with a friend then everything would have been settled. :-L My dad is warning me with the amount of time I'd be spending on the road everyday pretty much the same arguments I used at them. 8-| He insists that it's better that I move out but the problem is I LOVE MY ROOM SO MUCH. =))))))) :-L It's like I devoted much effort for this room that I wouldn't even get to enjoy it? :-L PFFFT.

We have such bipolar mindsets. =)))) I'm sorry. =)))) I think as of now my parents understand where I'm coming from and they would just wait for the day I get tired of going home. HAHAHA. I really need to learn how to drive ---fast. :| I'm tired of having my day depend on how other people's day goes. :-L


Vic said...

Sorry naman for the condo thing :| =))

Jamie said...

Pareho ata kayo ng sched ni esme =))

Lorenz said...

@Jamie: I saw her sched on the news feed. =)) And this is awkward since esme and I are not friends. =)) YET ;;) =))))))

karl said...

Ang aga ng enlistment nyo! Ours is on June 3. and I'm pumped up already :D
goodluck sa one hour drive everyday =))

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