SoFA Fashion Show

The day before I go to school I finally caught up with PFW. :)) Scored tickets for the School of Fashion and the Arts Graduation Show at SMX today. :) =)) Met Ms. Rosanna Aranaz of Little Miss Dress Up and her sister Ms. Amina Aranaz who is the co-founder of SoFa. :) I'm such a dork when I went up to Rosanna and had our picture taken. @-) But she's extremely nice and wuu she remembered me when I told her I was the one who bought that white blazer from Comeback Kid. :> And when the show ended I saw Ms. Bianca Gonzalez... again :-" Background info: Back in 1st year I had the biggest crush on her and I got the chance to meet her. =))))) EFF She must think that I'm her stalker or something -____- =)))) Anyhow, today was a good way to end summer. :D


kate said...

good luck on your first day in school! :)

you look way taller in your recent pictures ( ulitawo na :) ) see you soon :)

Lorenz said...


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