Andres Espinosa Lookbook

We all have to thank the internet and magazines for making everything accessible. Despite living in a third world country, popular places and people become familiar and we get inspired by them indirectly. Andres Espinosa looks on Lookbook is currently inspired by Brandon Flowers. :)) (See, I told you Brandon Flowers is an icon) He features one of my current obsessions which is the military trend. Leave it to Michael Jackson to make a lasting impact on fashion. Guys rarely get the chance dress up and there are limited looks we get to pull of. However, the military get-up is suitable for men as it can get. Military uniforms have always been worn to emphasize power and position and that's why it's cool to see this being revived and having a more wearable approach. I want to own a military jacket and if ever I have my own collection it will be all about this trend. :))) (Don't steal my idea. Gah, I want to make a mood board and start planning.)

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