Male Chauvinism vs. Feminism

We discussed Feminism yesterday during Philippine Literature and I asked my female professor if there was an equivalent of it for men. She said there was none.

My blockmates, who are mostly girls, said a bunch of things they experienced or have heard of due to the prejudice. My professor even said, "Who said women can't do men's work?" She's right and I believe that in this day and age women have proven just that.

But personally, I think over feminism is wrong. Because in my shoes, I now have to prove that I can do what women can. =))))

It's all about catering to a specific market and I've always had a vision for the type of crowd that I will serve. Men should design men's clothes. That makes sense. (I don't know why this is ever a big deal I should have studied abroad.) Tell me one more time that there is no market for me and if I'll see you one day wearing something I have designed... I'll take my clothes off your back with my bare hands and you'll be banned from wearing anything I own. t(-_-t)


Jed said...

You should study in California! You can apply to art and fashion schools here as long as you have a high school diploma!!! Doesn't that sound so awesome?

Bjorn x Manila said...

"Because in my shoes, I now have to prove that I can do what women can."

I like this statement of yours, Lo! :-bd
Haha! It's just a tough, tough, world where women and men have different perspectives of each other. :))

BB said...

you have a nice blog. :)

Lorenz said...

@Jed: FIDM :( Dream School. Monique Lhuillier and Sassa Jimenez studied there. :( Jed that all sounds too awesome but I wish I'll get scholarship grants. :(

@Bjorn: I am an iconoclast. =))) Diba nga in CSB you don't go with the flow that's why we're there. :> :-bd

@BB: Oh Hi! Cool name and cool blog as well! :)) Thanks for dropping by!

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