Boredom lessened by Webcam whoring. :)) Top Part: With Bjorn and Esme at Noriter/ SDA Library. Lower half: Today with Andrew and Anj at Starbucks Taft. Josh, Ryan and Jet also went after their classes. :) Had dinner at Creations Cafe. Best thing about College is that you own your time. :) I'll try to drop by in Katipunan next time. :| :)) Fragmented thoughts. I'm sorry.


Esme said...

Lip biting photo? 8|

josh said...

wala ako sa photos :(

Jamie is jealous :( said...

People I miss :(

Lorenz said...

@Esme: HAHA Wait san na yun :|

@Josh: Because you left. Should've ate dinner with us.

@Jamie: :( We miss you too

josh said...

next time?

the LRT ride home was epically tiring :| :))

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