I'd rather draw than sleep

My Starbucks planner is an excellent sketchbook. :) The closest thing we'll get for illustration next year is Freehand Drawing. :( Figure Sketching, Fashion Illustration plus Sketching and Watercolor rendering is not until Senior Year. @-) 3 more years is a loooong wait .___.


Christine said...

I think you can mix up the subjects on your flowchart. It depends on your adviser and if you're done with your pre reqs :)

I super love your illustrations btw especially the third one! :D

Lorenz said...

Hi Christine! Thank you. :> I hope to see you around SDA and maybe take a picture of your outfit for theSDAproject! :D bigbangstheory is amusing by the way! :D Thanks for dropping by! :>

auntie kate said...

andaya talaga. andami na sketches dyan, andali ko lang naman i-sketch kaya...eyes, ears, nose, mouth
and some hair...:))

[ btw, i want an improved version of me, okay? :) ]

Lorenz said...

@Miss kate: I'll find time okay and tell me if you're making a blog here in blogspot na. :D HAHAH

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