DIY: Zebra Print

This explains the black acrylic paint tube I bought yesterday. :)) I finished my little project that I started doing last Friday. (My Fridays and weekends are sacred and I always make sure they are productive. :D) White shirts abound my closet as I used them as undershirts for my high school uniform and I had to give them life again. :)) I don't know how to do silkscreen printing so I patiently painted zebra prints on them. It does look a bit uneven on its edges but from afar I guess it will do. =))


Shy said...

LOL that looks cute.
You could have used textile paint ya know. lol
I think it's cheaper than acrylic paint and you can get a lot for 40+ php or something in national bookstore haha XD

ryuan said...

nakakahilo [-( :))

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