Midterms I'm laaaaaaaaaazy

I'd rather be in bed at home in this rain.
I'm home! \:D/ So last night while the typhoon was really violent and the sound of the wind was like speeding cars there was no electricity and I was all alone in the dorm. -____- I couldn't sleep because the whole place was perfect for shooting a horror movie. :| There was no school for today and in my sched we also don't have classes for tomorrow. \:D/ :) Being at home gives me the most satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

By any chance, is that Napoleon Dynamite on your wall? :D
Nice wall btw :)

Lorenz said...

=))))))))) It was really a random drawing but I did happen to notice its resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite even before. =)))) I guess your comment affirms the whole thought. :-bd =)) Thanks!

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