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Maintaining a blog is hard as it is and having to make blog posts for at least two different blogs other than my own is quite a task even for me. @-) I'm sorry for the lack of relevant updates and I feel like my blog is dying. =)))) There's so much I want to blog about but I just can't find time as of the moment. :)) I'm sharing to you the pictures Lyka and Bjorn took when we went to Greenbelt 5 last August 11 to attend the "What's in your bag?" exhibit which is one of the events lined up for Manila Design Week. :)
It's Dave! :))) Hi Dave. When we met Georgina all we ever thought was you getting a picture with her was a must. But then it's sad you weren't able to! :( Next time? :))) || It's Revo!! :))
I found out last Friday that REVO NAVAL FOLLOWED MY BLOG! @-) @-) He is my 41st follower. \:D/ I'm not gonna lie I was jumping up and down like it was my birthday. =))))))) || Picture from Revo (c)
OHHH Mark Gosingtian and Tricia Gosingtian are probably the reason why Information Design will always be my dream course in Ateneo. :)) I'm living the dream vicariously because my best friend, Estela Bagos is taking up the same course. :D HAHA. Mark asked me how I was doing in CSB and I said "Chill lang naman" =))) I couldn't think of a better answer, I'm sorry. =)))) || Photo from Tricia (c)
Met up with my Dean and Trent Family. That's me with Sir Rick, Mark and DC. I'm all up on my internship tasks don't worry. :))))) See you guys next on August 28 with Sir Timmy! :) Thanks for the pic Bjorn! || Last picture from Maxine Cadacio, thanks!!! :)

It's all good when you can separate your personal site from your more public blog. :))
Visit for more photos from the event!

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