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Blurring my eyes so you can focus on the beautiful girls I'm with and yes, even I can't stand seeing my face all over this blog. =)))))) I thought about compiling them in one post because I saw that the pairs were an interesting match and was surprised that I have gathered quite a handful already. HAHA. I'm also going to share how my encounters with them were like. :D :)))
ON A TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOTE: I want a Polaroid camera for my birthday. :| :|

My Senior Year's Sportsfest would not have been an event to remember if it wasn't graced by Angel. I got her as my class' muse which you could all read about here. :))) She made such an unforgettable arrival and made me nervous because I thought she would not show up. =))))) She made my life and that's all there is.

When my mom found out I had the biggest crush on Bianca growing up, she made me meet her through her friend's help. I remembered Bianca complimenting me because I was tall. Fast forward 4 years after, I met her again during fashion week and she remembered me. =))) I found it funny when she said "Wow, it's such a small world."
Tricia took the cast photos for the play I used to be part of in my Senior Year. That time I also got my mind set on taking up BFA ID which is the same course she took. :)) I'm always all sorts of awkward when I approach her because her pretty face just makes me lose my train of thought.

Seeing Rosanna walk behind me last fashion week made me walk up to her and asked for a photo. She was incredibly accommodating and I found her good-naturedness (yes, there is such a word) refreshing. Couldn't believe it still how 2 months after that meeting she would feature theSDAproject on her weekly column. @-)
I was flinching when I was talking to Isabelle because I didn't know what to say to her except that I couldn't believe we were talking. =))))) She told me that she likes my gameplan in life and that I should say hi when I see her in Taft. The problem is people like her don't just walk around the hustle and bustle that is Taft.

Recent photo-op was with Georgina. The day I met her cousin was also the day I'm supposed to meet her but she got sick. :))) Finally met her during MDW and it was quite a fast encounter and I really don't remember what I said. =))))

But there is only one person I'd probably lose my mind after meeting and that is LEIGHTON MEESTER. =)))))))
Such a far-fetched dream. HAHAHA.


Jamie said...

player grabe :))

Jech said...

good one with the photos!

btw, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the frames you wore in this post?

Lorenz said...

@Jamie: uhh no. :)) GOOD LUCK TOMORROW >:D<

@Jech: Those were originally aviators and I just saw them lying around the house not even knowing if they were branded. :)) But I had it worked on at an optical shop and gave them graded lenses so that I'll have an awesome pair of specs. :D IT only cost me 1thou :> :))

Lexie Reyes said...

OMG parang may kulang sa pretty people post mo......... As in hindi complete yan!!!!!

Erin said...

Nasaan picture natin?

Lorenz said...

@Lexie: =))))))))))))))) SWWEEEAAARRR??? :))))

@Erin: Bukas bukas upload ko. HAHAHA

April said...

Parang ang pimp mo, Lorenz ikaw na! =))))) Jk. Georgina Wilson, ftw ♥

Lorenz said...


Erin said...

Nagets mo ba yung hirit ko =))))))))) :|

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