Isa is such a girl. :))

IT'S TOO PINK I'M GONNA DIE. My blockmate, Isa commissioned me to draw/paint on her wall in exchange of me asking for her help in my little, pet project which you should all watch out for :-" (I will launch it SOONER than you think.) Well, knowing Isabelle Dee it was easy to produce a visual for her wall. 8-| She's the ultimate girly-girl who's fond of pink, pearls, and paris. =))))) Credit also goes to Lexie, Karlo and Isa for helping me out in outlining the pencil sketches I did (Used black wall paint for the outlines.) :) This is the 3rd wall doodle I did: first one was with Bjorn and the second one was for my own room. I'll probably upload the video of the whole process during the weekend. Just had to blog about this now before things start piling up.



Vic said...

yung akin haaaaaaaaa :))

Esme said...

OMGGOD HI 47 LIKES =)))))))

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