SoFA Speaks - September 21

(Took time for me to post this because I didn't take pictures. Big thanks to Maina for emailing some! :D)
SoFA Speaks: From Idea to Icon: How to succeed as an artist in business. With this tagline many got intrigued and so the Cinema 2 of Rockwell Power Plant Mall was full of people eager to learn and listen to five of the country's top creative industry leaders such as sisters Ms. Ivy & Ms. Cynthia Almario (Interior Design), Mr. Raymund Isaac (Photography), Mr. Rajo Laurel (Fashion), and Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue (Furniture Design).

Being there was so worth it because these people, who everyone considers as the best in their chosen industry, really took the time to impart to the crowd their own stories, lessons and tips of what it takes to be in their shoes. Not to be inspired by their words would only happen to someone who does not dream to make it big in the industry. And I believe that everyone who went there shared the same dreams and aspirations. When Mr. Rajo asked the crowd who wanted to be in the Fashion business I saw a lot of hands waving up in the air. The next thing he said was to take note of everybody's faces because we wouldn't know we might be working with/for them one day. :>

Quotes from the event:
1.) Get inspiration from the masters.
2.) Whatever they think, think the opposite.
3.) Return the blessings whenever you can.
4.) Never lose the child in you.
5.) Men are more vain than women. It's a business fact. (HAHAHAH)
6.) You can't be an artist without undergoing the discipline.

HAHA. Yes, I took down notes. I learned so much! Thanks for the invite SoFA! :D (Photo from Lyka)

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