I love Sassa like a fat kid loves his cake :))

Sassa... gah, this is so awkward for me that I can't finish my sentence. I'm so used to addressing her as Miss Sassa but she insists that I drop the "miss" because it makes her feel old. And well, yes, she's still young at 23. She's only 6 years older than me and I could very well apply as her brother if she is hiring. HAHA. So anyway, I'll continue: Sassa is young, talented, creative, unassuming, humble and seriously I could just go on and people who really know her know that I'm not exaggerating. These adjectives apply and I would always be proud of her!

She was the nicest person to me when I was just aspiring to be involved in this world you call fashion. And to top it all of she hired me as her intern and I could not wait for her to join next season at Fashion Week because I will be really happy to assist at her show! :D Anyway, she got featured as one of the TOP TEN YOUNG DESIGNERS in Sense&Style so I hope you could all grab a copy and read more about her. :)

NUUX NAMAN. Designer-slash-Model-slash-Actress :> :>
Visit Sassa Jimenez' blog at: sassajimenez.blogspot.com. :D

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