Everyone Gained Weight

PHOTO DUMP AHEAD! Thursday and Saturday!
I only need 10 more stickers to get the much coveted planner already! :)) Could not wait 'till I get my hands on the metallic one.
I will not shy away from help so will you have Starbucks with me? :">
I'd like to believe Karl and Ryan helped me in reviewing my Chemistry last Thursday. HAHA.
Enjoyed watching Paranormal Activity 2 more than my attempt to study that's for sure. 8-|
4A Reunion at Promenade in Greenhills! :>
Camwhore ni Ryan. Tsk tsk. Candid shot dapat eh. 8-|
Favorite picture from tonight! One of the side effects of smoking and drinking combined. Or normal face lang ni Guelod? Now I am unsure. /:)
Two timer si Reii. ;)
I always remember the fourth year recollection we had whenever I see these faces. That was one highlight during senior year that always puts me in a good vibe. 16 out of 40 classmates in this photo. Where are the others? My guess is as good as yours. =))


ryan said...

HAHA WAIT. I'm about to correct your TAGALOG 8D

i think you meant "camwhore SI ryan." HAHAHA WOO! achievement :D "ni" refers to something that i possess :>

bjorn left before you arrived.
levo arrived when everyone left.
joseph arrived after the photo.
tam was the same.
soo 20 outta 40 :p

Vic said...

No actually, "ni" is a determiner. Like "si/sina" "ni/nina". "kanya" is the possessive pronoun. There should be an "Ang" at the start of the sentence to validate it. The "ni" Lo used should be diffentiated from the objective pronoun "niya". Common mistakes :))))

(Sorry, I'm a geek at balarila) :P

ANYWAY! Sayang wala sina Yannick, Glenn, Fons and company. JET >:D<

Sharina said...

Starbucks addict! Only 10 more?! Which color are you planning to get? :)

Lorenz said...

@Shari: HEY SHARI! I collected all 17 stickers already just yesterday but they only allow 2 promo cards per person so I wasn't able to claim my planner. However, I only need to fill up two and I'm done! :)) Planning to get the metallic one! :D

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