I'll let you know if I give a damn

Looking all prepped up and dandy is cute sometimes but I really do like a look that seems like it wasn't given much thought...you know? Like you just rolled out of bed and grabbed the things you first saw and you're done. Unkempt hair plus not-a-single-fuck-was-given-that-day attitude. HAHA. (Browsed through Esme's Folded and Hung S/S 2011 Collection Photos and was amazed with the whole Coachella vibe going on. Awesome. Wished I watched!) I hate defining my style because I don't like limits.


Bea Antonio said...

Whatever you aimed your style to be, I just want you to know that it's working for you. HAHA!

It's the first time I bumped into your blog I don't even remember how I did. (must be all the click new tab shiz HAHA) I enjoy reading your blogs and we actually have 2 friends in common, Karl & Isa!

Lorenz said...

Hi Bea! :)) OH IT'S COOL that you are friends with KARL AND ISA. They're my closest friends but seeing the pics in your blog I think KYLA JAVELLANA is another common friend! :))

Thanks for reading my blog! I'll be checking out yours too! :D

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