Archie Comics

I find my blog too serious now. Time for Random Posts. :D

It's Christmas and all year round you have a lot of wants but then when the time comes when you're asked what you want... Not a single thing comes to mind. =)) Happens all the time to me. But the fail-safe gift you could ever give me are Archie Comics. :D Been collecting as a child and I have almost at least over 50 copies, some even donated! Just remembered about posting this because of the recent Facebook hooplah with your favorite cartoon character as a child as your profile picture. (Archie's Weird Mysteries on Disney before makes it a "cartoon" so to speak. :))) GAH. Best memory as a child when I could just finish a copy in one sitting and fall asleep. :)
Okay last before I go: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Sending Christmas vibes to all those who are saying they couldn't feel the Holidays. -____- They should watch GLEE and listen to Christmas songs. =)) SO MANY THINGS TO BE THANKFUL THIS YEAR!!! Agree? :)

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