Intruding Ateneo

Went to Ateneo today to meet-up with a client and Missy, the organizer for a party that Fifth Code will sponsor. :) That or to just hang-out and meet-up with friends who study there can be another reason for the visit. Can't get over this school. I know I don't go here but then again the fascination about this school never ceases. What would life be like if I went here is certainly a thought I entertain. Albeit, I don't think I would survive. =)) Dream school since timely memorial and I wouldn't even want to start about the heartbreak of not getting in. Oh well. I could also list down the number of things I wouldn't get to do or have this year if I didn't go to CSB. :-"
SOMallville? Yeah, they had a fair. =))) Saw Fara Supetran and Andrea Ang. Of which of the latter, I got a "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" =)) Wala lang. Epal lang ako.
Isa's barkada. Ley, Caitlin, Betsi and Shara. Y'all too Chinese. ICA people.
Ryan took this. =)) My camera's such a waste with me, I know. HAHA.
HELLO LEY DY. =)) Proof you don't need to wear a gown for me to blog this.
The tape measure can be my bestfriend or my worst enemy. :|
So that's the henna I got last Wednesday. My parents went bonkers when they saw it last night and they questioned my morals. =)))))) UHH, you wouldn't even notice it when it's already gone. -___-
HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Meeting "The" Jech Tiu of his eponymous blog. And meeting his friend(?) Bea. HAHA. He's awesome cause he also blogs about his style and men's fashion and I think he got the whole laid back, preppy, Ateneo way of dressing up right on the spot. He's the standard. B-)
Anj! Awesome friend from Cue. She also blogs at Anj reminds me of Vanessa Hudgens. Plus, she's pretty and stylish on her own. :>
Met E.G., Micco, Vinny, Daniel and a lot of other people while hanging out in Ateneo. HAHA, Thank you for welcoming my presence. HAHA. Leaving you with a giddy picture of Anj! =)))


Jech said...

You should visit Ateneo more often! I already left school, but I just had to go back to say hi to The Lorenz Namalata HAHA I'll post the photos as soon as Bea uploads them :D

Lorenz said...

HAHAHHA lahat na lang may "THE" eh. OHH It was such a pleasure meeting you and Bea that day and the day after! :>

Lexie Reyes said...

I could also list down the number of things I wouldn't get to do or have this year if I didn't go to CSB. :-"


Anj said...

WHOO IM IN LORENZ'S BLOG B-) And so is our Crepe stall's messy back.
You should really visit often. :)

Anj said...

Oh and HOOOOLD UP! Question. Missy Ty? Are you talking about the event on Friday?! WHOOT. HAHAHA I'm helping out with logistics! I didn't know your stuff would be in the fashion show! I'll see you there!!! :D

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