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PhotobucketFirst time to throw a party with friends in attendance the last time being 9 years old and the "friends" I'm referring to here, were the next door neighbors my mom was forcing to show up. Since then, my birthday was spent as an overnight stay at various hotels with relatives and the next best person I could talk to besides anyone online in YM was my 12 year old cousin. :)) No one would go if I have a party on the day of my birthday. Most of my friends are not orphans and they have families to go home to. =))) So I decided that for this year I'm going to celebrate my birthday in advance! ...Like two weeks before my real birthday. :)) Worked out for the best because, although Commonwealth was too damn far and my UP and DLSU friends had their finals the next week, they all went. And for that I felt loved. :)

Just had to throw a party to celebrate all the good things that happened this year. Shall not even disguise the fact that it has been an amazing year wherein all the things I wanted to happen pushed through and my friends were always there to support me. Quality over quantity? You betcha. I'm proud of the group of friends I keep.


P.S. 'Twas super hard to to lay-out almost 450 photos of that night, hence, the limited photos. Haha but BIG THANKS to my friend, Iya Forbes who runs Eat, Drink and Take Pictures for the party photos. :">


Phil said...

Happy Bithday:-)

estylala said...

I see awkward picture of myself, WHY BESTY WHY T____________T

kaymie said...

Happy Birthday!
Cool song anyway :>

Lorenz said...

@Phil: Thank you!

@Estylala: HAHAHAHA Di yan awkward! That's, that's BEAUTIFUL!

@Kayme: THANKSSS! haha noice!

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