IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :))

I'm 18 now. WOOH I'm wearing the glasses my parents bought for me as my birthday AND Christmas gift. Technically, I get two but these glasses are costly so they made me decide about it. Obviously, these clear-framed Clubmasters are mine!! :D Some frames just don't work for me and with this... it was fate!   I'm going to watch "HOME ALONE 3" now because I miss this movie and it's also about Christmas. I don't know how you all define Christmas... but I hope you find it all in your hearts to be happy and be at peace. MERRY CHRISTMAS from me to you! :)


Fold C said...

Happy Birthday! :-)

- tope aka fold canela

Lorenz said...

Oh hey Fold! :D Thanks for dropping by my blog! Checked yours out too and followed it! :D MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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