Nikki's Wall Doodle

Or Closet Doodle perhaps. :)) Bonded with new friends Nikki and Toch today at Nikki's house in Greenhills. :D Behind one of those white closet doors leads you to her bathroom which is very deceiving yet cool at the same time. :)) Also wrote her favorite quote on one of her walls. Everything's just an outline and not yet fully done. Yeah, yeah will return one of these days to finish this unfinished business. 8-| =)) HAHA And that is what I did today. :) WHASSAP BRAH? =))) Nikki's brother is funny.

P.S.: Why do they trust me to draw on their walls? =)) Good thing no friend complained yet! =))
What is up with my Jose Rizal hair. -___- Bahay ko na lang yung movie marathon game. =))

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Vic said...

I DID! ang tagal eh =))))))))))))))) JK :P

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