Saturday Morning

Yesterday was such a long day for me. Started it early and ended it... well, on the wee hours of today. HAHA. And what I mean about that, I guess, you'll find out when I can find time to post again. :)) Just sneaking in some time to blog because they're piling up already. Got so much on my plate these days. Stress that, admittedly, I've brought upon myself. =)) But I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying despite the pressure. Just wished I could relax a bit but meh, I'd rather be full of things to do than be a bum. ANYWAAY, I can't give out much details about the photos because pre-empting things is foul on anyone's book. JUST EXPECT EXCITING THINGS FROM THE PEOPLE IN THESE PHOTOS. :)

Megan Young and Adrianne Concepcion :) (Adrianne graduated from Ateneo and Megan's taking up Filmmaking in CSB!)
Sole 21Men Brand Ambassador: David Guison (YES NAMAN. Oh can we be proud, he goes to CSB too! Hope you read about him in theSDAproject's feature. :D)
New friends! Bea Benedicto and Jech Tiu. YEP, they are a couple. Seniors from Ateneo. Probably one of the more stylish ones. :> Haha.
THIS GUY OWES ME. tsk. tsk. tsk. =)))))
Photographer, Ronan Capili. FOR THE THIRD TIME: He goes to CSB as well! HOORAY BENILDE!!! :D
FAN PHOTO! =)) Was just hanging around while they were shooting and took behind-the-scenes because I had nothing better to do. I'm so thrilled that I'm meeting awesome people. Never expected 2010 to be so nice to me. :)


micco said...

he owes me i can never go out using them.

Lorenz said...

MICCO! HAHAHA TRUTH RIGHT THERE. =)))) You should've saved them for your own looks. :> HAHAHA

Tin said...

UP, right? I love the photos! Btw, I finally met Bjorn last Thursday! :)

Lorenz said...

@Tin: YEAH! your school. :> And I saw the photos in Bjorn's blog. Nice! I even told David you're the only one amongst bloggers I haven't met/saw in real life yet. Hopefully soon? :)) All the best Tin! :D

nikkiru said...

p.a. ka na ba?? HAHAH JOKE LANG=))

Lorenz said...

@nikkiru: NIKKIRU weh. theenikkimiruiz ka lang eh. HAHAH yeaahhh. I should get paid na

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