Balai Isabel

One time last year my friends and I went to Tagaytay for an overnight stay in Balai Isabel. There was Lexie, Esme, Isa, Chik, Karlo, Denise and I who all woke up very early one Friday morning and convoyed all the way to Tagaytay last November 26, 2010. :D (Pia and Patty couldn't join us.) And so...ugh...this is the reason why you should always blog when the things you did are still fresh and on top of your head... I can't...remember much in chronological order. =)) What we did: night swimming, we ate at a Bulalohan and roamed around Tagaytay. :D I'll definitely miss seeing these people everyday, now that our block section has been dissolved. I'll be seeing less of them the succeeding terms but it's comforting to know that we started all out in CSB together. Lunch or dinner date around Taft is a must! [Photos from Esme and Denise. ] Starting next week, it's time for serious business. Taking up Design Subjects and one Major Subject already! :)

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