Term Break...so far

Last Monday, we went to Hidalgo in Quiapo to have an old Canon camera fixed.
I was with Esme and Nikki who gladly accompanied me. That day was severely hot and the place was busy as hell. We went inside this dilapidated building that looked like a psychiatric ward because the store was there. Had to leave the camera and proceed to CSB to get our course cards, LRT back to Hidalgo to retrieve the camera, took a jeep back to Taft and then finally went home via the LRT again. @__@ Commuter's life. (BUT won't be for long though... this week Nikki and I are undergoing our Driving Lessons!!! Just today we drove around Ortigas, Kapitolyo and Boni! :))
And this is what I got myself today. I finally bought the New Gent Black Rebel Watch from Swatch! (My gift for myself :>) Also got Details magazine on discount. :)) And yesterday Tami Ledesma, who is a client for Fifth Code, gave me 2 Archie Comics as a gift!! (Thanks Tami! :D) The Royce Chocolates was given to me by my mom tonight. All these combined makes me one happy kid.


NikkiRu said...

ganda ko ata dyan. :) ,,!,,

Bong said...

Yummy Royce!!! :)

Lorenz said...

@Nikki: =))))) kasi naman ayaw mag-smile

@Bong: HAHA My mom was feeling extra sweet that day

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