NikkiRu Photography

Photographed by: Nikki Ruiz
Styled by: Esme Palaganas
Hair & Make-up: Patricia Baligod
Art & Lay-out: Lorenz Namalata

Dear Nikki, this is why blogspot will always be a better platform for your photography portfolio than tumblr will ever will be. =)) Promised theenikkimiruiz (that's Nikki's twitter name which has sticked into my head) that I will blog about the shoot we had last Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at Ayala Triangle. Was supposed to be just a short entry but, as usual, I had nothing better to do so I did the lay-out of the photos and stuff. That day was fun except that the roving guards had to ask Toch to delete the videos he took that day. Nevertheless, it was a privilege having to assist "the" Esme Palaganas in her styling duties =)) Also, meeting Tara and Kirsten was a privilege. (Esme and I kept telling each other that Tara looked a lot like Charo Ronquillio.)

"Before I was just imagining things that I can capture and now I've started it and produced my first piece." This is the first shoot that Nikki herself has produced and I always believe in "doing your best with whatever you have and by just starting anywhere." So, Congrats Nikki! These photos turned out so well! :D Visit:

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