State of Fifth Code Address

ATTENTION: I NEED TO ADDRESS SOME PRESSING ISSUES!!! HAHA joke. =)) I'm just compelled to give an update about Fifth Code because I won't be releasing new designs anytime soon. Why? Because I'm busy with orders for Prom and I'm working with at least 9 blazers and counting. It's so fun to produce more pieces when you're not pressured but, of course, that's not the case. :)) I need to put my gameface back on for acads so you all just have to watch out when I'll come back for newer designs yeah? :D And I always remember my mom's voice when I'm stressed about Fifth Code and I quote, "Why are you so stressed about earning your own money? It's not like you have to feed a family!" =))))) I SEE HER POINT. Hahaha. Hopefully be back by March!!! Email me for anything:

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