Towering Heights

I was never experimental with my hair because (1) if it grows too long I can't get myself to manage it, (2) it never stays up (it deteriorates slowly like a dying plant) and (3) I find it irritating and hot. The barber told me that the ends of my hair are weak and thin (though it grows really thick) and that I should use more products on it if I want it to keep it up. Scratch that option I don't want dandruff. I always resort to keeping it short and have the usual trim. Exciting. So that's the dilemma of wanting a James Dean-ish pompadour. I could never get it. =))))) How awesome it would be to roll out of bed with hair looking like that already? Rhetorical Question.


Iyaaa said...

hey I think you can pull that James Dean look off! :>

Lorenz said...


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