I just met "the" Rajo

One can not talk about the local fashion industry and not mention Mr. Rajo Laurel. They go hand in hand like bread and butter, like Samson and Delilah and.... like any Pinoy meal always with the rice. Haha. Forgive my analogies but I hope you see the legitimacy of what I'm trying to say. :)) Rajo is one of my industry idols and when I was told that I was going to meet him, I did what all of you would do... I came prepared. But before anything else, before I even met him, I went to Celestina in Greenbelt 5 where we would meet. There I was greeted with a plethora of furniture and designer goods. I also got to meet Mr. Ricco Ocampo the husband of Ms. Tina Maristela- Ocampo, an entrepreneur and a furniture designer himself. Ms. Tina Ocampo is of course the designer behind Celestina minaudieres and handbags. Those luxurious, coveted "it" bags that we have seen on the hands of many Hollywood actresses.
Some of the illustrious actresses with their Celestina item.
While waiting for Mr. Rajo to arrive I was left chatting with Mr. Ricco Ocampo and a friend. He's one of those genuine people that you immediately like. He grew up in Pampanga and is very fluent still in speaking his dialect. Considering that he has been all over the world, exposed to a variety of cultures and lifestyles, it's very refreshing to know that somehow he still is a very approachable guy. I had no qualms raising topics with him and talk about his family and his childhood... he was that easy to talk to! :)
Meeting with @wehlorenz! Nice to meet young designers! (From Rajo's Twitter)
When we had our picture taken, Mr. Ricco noticed how we were in coordinating get-ups to which Rajo replied that we were destined to meet. :> Hear, hear!
Rajo arrived past 6 and it was very surreal meeting him. I have been an avid fan of his and I felt like I knew so much about him but, of course, that would be creepy if I said it right off the bat. I have attended his talk for SoFA wherein he pretty much detailed his rise to the top. I even remember his anecdote of how he first earned money as a kid by grooming stray kittens and selling them to his schoolmates. :)) Rajo is very nice and he told me that if I wanted to be a designer then it was important that I knew how to make clothes myself. (By third year I will! Still on my frosh year. Haha.) And I even showed him Fifth Code's website and he gave me some adviceshere and there. :D Rajo is everywhere. He is as ubiquitous as any celebrity which makes him one in his own right. By the time he left I told him that I was hoping he would remember me in the future, he smiled and said he never forgets anyone's name. :)

As I type right now, my heart's racing because I can't help but to mind the fact that the people I have just met have larger than live achievements. Google their names and try to pick up your jaw when you read how prolific they are. Their time is gold and for them to sit down, take an hour or so from their schedules and meet-up with a young dreamer like me is something I'm grateful for profusely. :) Now, we need not wonder why they are so blessed. Talent, which is God-given is rightly shared by inspiring the young. Little by little God is making my dreams come true. :)


Jech said...

High five! Big time naaa!

inkarlcerating said...

wow!! designer ka pala lorenz! naks!
rajo is so nice talaga

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! See you on March 1 for the event! Rajo here!

Lorenz said...

@Jech: HAHA Nooo. Chill na ba? You'll graduate soon! (Hopefully) hahha! See you soon.

@Karl: Hi Karl! YES you read my blog. Haha. Thanks and yeah I never thought he'd be so accommodating! :))

@Rajo: WOW thanks for dropping by my blog! :D See you!! :)

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