One, Two... Three! We're on our third run now and glancing back at the progress of this small online shop I put up makes me proud that it's constantly improving. Never choosing to stay in its comfort zone and always trying to make it fresh. I'm really surprised by how everything has been providential. People just appear in the picture and contribute so much more than what I actually expect out of them. I'm very thankful for my friends who take the time to help me out just to make my vision come true. This, to date, has been the most fun I had for a shoot!!

We did this last March 26, 2011 with the Patty Mendoza ( in charge of photography. Pat Nabong ( and Aldrich Lim ( took the clips for the video and Nikki Ruiz ( took some shots for the BTS. Lyka Orhel ( and Esme Palaganas ( were there to lend a hand while Wency Ang ( (did the make-up as Isa couldn't stay for long) also booked the model for the shoot. Lui Sunico modeled for Fifth Code for this collection and he embodied the concept of party fatigue quite well. Didn't need much pep talk cause he just went for it. He knew what he needed to do! No one ever does it alone and I'm extremely lucky to have an awesome team like you guys! (And if ever you have projects in mind, please do not hesitate to visit these people's websites and email them!)

Sold over 15 blazers already, some using the available designs or others asking for custom made pieces. It's a very personal transaction every single time and it's safe to say I've gained friends with the clients who ask to have a blazers made. It takes so much out of my time but I enjoy the process more than anything! And as my mom said, no one's in a rush so I'm taking my pace with Fifth Code. Just always continuous in it's delivery of exceptional blazers. And if there's one thing all of you have to look forward to that's the one year anniversary of Fifth Code on October. Thank you all for the massive support!

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