Surely for someone to create a very detailed artwork such as above, he would find the task of designing Fifth Code's new logo a minuscule challenge. Meet the man who's responsible for the new logos for my eponymous blog and Fifth Code, Jake Ruiz (jakeruiz.tumblr.com)! Yes, he is the brother of Nikki (nmgruiz.tumblr.com), my equally talented photographer friend who has been building her portfolio taking beautiful portraits of people, dabbling in events photography and taking pictures for online stores. When Nikki told me that Jake was a graphic designer-slash-illustrator and that I could get him to design one for Fifth Code I was excited for the possibilities! Graphic design would always be my first love and I didn't know of anyone just yet who did it as a profession, earned money out of it and who has actually gained recognition for his craft. (Jake has won the the 1st runner up in a Giordano Shirt Design Contest and has won the consolation prize in a national art contest for Toyota. He has clientele not only here in the country but also abroad.) I jumped on the opportunity and the results were what I had hoped for and more! Personally, I think of these two as design power siblings. Their interests go hand in hand making them a tough tandem to beat! So much hope for these two and this won't be the last time I will collaborate with Jake on something! Haha.

Email him for queries and the like: info@jakeruiz.com
Follow him on Twitter: twitter.com/jakeruizzz

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