Native Prints are the New Plaid! Severely engrossed with this trend and I just want to collect more and more items with Aztec, Navajo, Mayan, Batik or whatever Native American prints on them. It's quit a loud item to be worn but then again I love how busy and interesting they are, making an instant statement. One of the biggest trends for Spring/Summer 2011 and I just remember how last year it was all about the military/band jackets and anything structured. (Heck, I even made a blog post out of it.) I'm all for a trend that could be appreciated by both guys and girls and hopefully this doesn't die down! As the world continues to evolve, we tend to rediscover the old cultures and have fun with it. And that's why fashion never gets boring.

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Jech said...

I need. Haven't gotten around to shopping yet, though :(

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