Did you know that they try to change what the mannequins are wearing at least weekly? Topman Rockwell also replenishes their stocks every week so they have more updated merchandise compared to other branches.
Topman really does follow the international retail standards. The lay-out, merchandising and store display have to be based on the brochures the flagship store in London gives them! Even the hangers and other promotional materials are all imported and have to be placed exactly as how they are instructed to.
Being incredibly partial to Topman because it's the only RSSI brand I patronize. For obvious reasons. Haha!
Meet Aki Sumulong from Ateneo & Jessica Choy from Poveda! Fun people!
Sir Jason, Topman's Store Manager.
Stock Room!
If I haven't stressed it enough, it's my lifelong dream to go to London for this. The place to be one day: Oxford Street to visit the flagship store of Topman and for other high street brands!
Daniel and Tara dropped by one time!
Commercial break! Was with Lyka and Tin for the SOFA styling session by Alyanna Martinez last April 9 Haha! Tin Iglesias actually is my co-intern and she's more than what you read in her blog and a lot of fun to be with actually! Couldn't wait to see her again and talk about more things! Visit her blog:
Kim Chui is Kim Chui. I just had to.
Ate Lizel from Dorothy Perkins. If ever you go to the store in Rockwell make sure to look for her! Tell her I said hi. She makes me laugh all the time and she has the funniest comments about the people who come in the store! Haha. You couldn't avoid it.
The culminating fashion show at Greenbelt 3!

April 4 - April 15, 2011 - Unable to respond to a query for a moment you will notice a change in the customer’s voice or she might raise her eyebrows at you. It’s as early as 11am but upon greeting the shoppers they’ll look at you as if it’s a sin to be happy. It might be just the start but it’s almost as if they have problems worthy of the day’s end. Working as an intern as part of RSSi’s summer program lasted for two weeks and we were immersed at how a sales associate life is. And yes, mind you, we call them sales associates now. Calling them as a salesman or saleslady is ancient history.

A proud customer of their brand, visiting a branch would entail scrounging the entire store looking for a bargain or that particular piece that I just had to have. It would also include trying on clothes maybe countless of times, asking for the next size over and over again and in some instances just leave the changing room without buying anything. That wasn't really a problem on my point of view. But hence the tables were turned and as much as I wanted to sit down waiting for my customer to try on his or her garment I couldn’t. Asked for the next size, I had to rush and get back the soonest possible time. And no matter how cold or condescending a customer maybe, the most I could do was smile. Seriously, I was asked why I was quite comfortable with the English language and that I was just a salesman made it all the more impossible. That was such a low blow.

Just one of the perks of being an intern was that staying in the store for a good 5 hours would guarantee spotting a famous person dropping by. At every blink a familiar face shows up whether it is a socialite, a TV personality, a well-known stylist or the budding actress, almost everyone shops at our store. Ironic how by just staying at one place I was able to see everyone I had the intention of meeting. But then again I was stationed in Rockwell. Haha!

The experience was humbling and it taught me what it feels like to be in the seller's shoes. I had the first hand experience of being of service to these customers and while also mingling with my fellow sales associate knew that they offer more insights about them that you initially think! I say my perspective changed now when I have to go inside a store and just window shop, I'll probably be more friendly and chat it up with whoever is attending me, after all I know how boring it gets. Also, it wouldn't hurt if you smile at them and respond with the warmest of greeting! The thing is everyone is a sales associate really, may you be a teacher or a doctor you still are trying to convince someone to get you or buy something from you. Everyone's offering their services and I think being a sales associate is not something you can afford to look down on.

Thanking Robinson's Store Specialist Inc. for this opportunity!


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