May 6-9, 2011 -- Boom! Sought the heatwave that is Ilocos (as if Manila's heat wasn't hard enough to bear already) for a trip planned for the reunion of my mom's side of the family and since traveling is a hobby everyone's game enough to indulge. More or less an 8-hour roadtrip, it was definitely not easy for my dad who was the one driving while the others were in the other car. It was my first time to go there and there's just so much beauty to see that you wonder how come it's not on most people's places-to-go-to list. :| "One of the ways you develop national pride is by traveling your own country" that quip by my mom has been engraved on my consciousness . I like the thought that the farthest we've been to up north is in Sagada and well, Davao as for the farthest down south! Would really like to go to Bohol soon, that's one of the places I haven't been to yet. :)
First stop Ilocos Sur!
This was in "Baluarte". I know the name of the place sounds so intimidating. Haha. Appropriately owned by Gov. Chavit Singson, the place is massive in proportions and above is the on-going construction of his simple house. Yes, the sycamore tree sitting on top of it IS part of the design.
And instead of dogs, he has tigers lying around his estate. Goes to show that he is really just like the rest of us! Hahahah I'm kidding.
Fascinated by those hung deer head or whatever you call them. Creepy but interesting.
Second stop: Vigan!
And this is what you call co-existing. Past meets present.
Souvenir card worthy photo don't you think? Rhetorical.
Liked how they preserve the authenticity of the heritage place!
Arrived in Fort Ilocandia, Ilocos Norte at around 11pm. It's a Hotel/Resort/Casino and that's where we stayed during our ugh, stay. It's a fortress... again in massive proportions. Haha! I think that the land is so vast elsewhere but Manila!
The place is filled with portraits of Former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Love her, hate her you have to admit she's quite a character! You'll admire her beauty when you see her countless photos.
Everywhere you look in Fort Ilocandia is photoshoot worthy! You'll forget you are in the Philippines and can mistake it for say Europe even!
Malacanang of the North. Such a place exists.
These two knew what style and class and being timeless meant. I think it holds true for them that "Image is everything." Hahaha
Am I in Thailand?
But the one place I was excited for was the Windmills!!! Kept seeing this magnificent place in DOT commercials and postcards so I had to do this "I-made-it-here" stance.
My parents really don't want me to blog about them. They don't know why, unlike them, I don't know the concept of privacy. Hahaha but this is one cute picture! :D
At a beach resort in Pagudpud!!! Quiet, serene and free from the crowd, the place is a shang-rila!
Went back to the hotel after the sunset. Packed up the next day and drove all the way back to Vigan to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight and then...
Drove back to Manila under extreme rainfall! (I know I've been excessive with the exclamation points! Hahahah) And that is all my friends. Make sure you guys visit the North. :) The sights are priceless... (as you can see) :)

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