March 14, 2011- Had the privilege, once again, of working for Sassa and this time, it was to assist for her show at Philippine Fashion Week recently. Even if I may not be around her all the time, as her intern, I always try to extend my help in whichever way I can. Last time I helped out was almost 8 months back and the timing was right to get back on board for Team Sassa. Haha. Seriously though, the opportunity to be around her and the exposure I get has been great! It has been so worthwhile for someone like me who is into this field. Nothing beats real life education and I thank Sassa for tagging me along in events such as these.

"Sassa Jimenez’ latest collection takes inspiration from art deco designs and the artful tradition of chinoiserie, as well as the decadence of a lady unafraid of taking risks with sheer fabric and embroidered pieces.This collection breathes in a bold balance of the classic and the modern—for a young lady of remarkable finesse to transition effortlessly from the workplace to an evening out." (From Sassa's PR Kit.)

Last Look of Sassa's 45-Piece Collection
BUT Before that...

Stayed at Meeting Room 9 in SMX before the show for preparation. Pic of Jerome Salaya-Ang's very intricate collection!
His models were being prepped up and as usual he had the most out of this world concept.
The models wore prosthetics on their faces which totally demanded much effort from his team.
Sassa's muse, Pauline Prieto.
Was tagging along wherever Sassa went so her she was being interview by Vicky Herrera for PFW TV.
Started placing her PR materials and whatnot on them chairs.
At about 5:30 the place was crowded. Almost a guarantee when you have 3 bigtime designers in one show.

Let's start the show...

Coolest silhouette. Awesome details. Rad design.
So cute!

After the show...

Sassa's parents! Mr. Mon and Abby Jimenez with Sassa's sister Nina! So sweet how Sassa's parents remembered me from before. :)

Rushed backstage!! Photo of Sassa and Adrianne Concepcion.
Kaye Pernia, Sassa, Ms. Kat De Torres and myself. Oh, my co-intern, Lexi Gancayco (, was modeling for Candie's that time. :) Too bad we all didn't have a picture with her!
Stylist Mr. Sidney Yap and Top Model Pauline Prieto.

Boom and that's it! Congratulations Sass, love you! Thank you so much for everything! :D
Visit her site:

(Additional Photo Credit: Lyka Orhel & Nikki Ruiz)

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